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Life is a Roller coaster

Life is a roller coaster; we hear this saying all the time but yet when I think of being our best self we are looking for constantly. I would like to open our eyes on how it is okay to struggle on life's roller coaster and what we should think about when we are trying to make changes in our lives.

In my journey I have always tried to eat better, workout more and just try to avoid having bad days. I thought that every day should be good and when it's not, I'm doing something wrong. We know this isn’t true because we call life a roller coaster. Once we start to understand that we are going to have bad days, good days and nothing days we can start to have a better understanding on how to better ourselves. This looks like building tools in our life to help us handle the different days we have.

Let’s start with good days because after all we always want the good news first. I have found that when I am having a good day and everything is just coming up my way, I can get so distracted from my goals. When I forget why I’m doing things and just ride the high I can tend to fall pretty far once my bubble pops. How can we counteract this so we can stay in the moment and enjoy it? Reflecting on a day can be a huge help keeping you grounded, when you can put into perspective that not all days will be like this yet still enjoy the moment to the fullest it's a beautiful thing.

Now what is a nothing day? It’s of day of being okay. Nothing good or bad happened just was a day. It’s so hard to find emotions on days like this, I tend to be in my own head and just drift along. This may sound nice (and it is) but it can be damaging to your relationships. Once you are in that nothing state you are not present with the people around you. A strategy that I use is to take 15 minutes to myself and just try and centre myself. After I do that I spend the rest of my day trying to be intentional with the people around me so that I don't drift into the nothing space.

Now bad days. It’s is the easy one, how do we handle bad days? Love yourself! First it’s important to make sure you know why it was a bad day. Did you screw up at work? Did someone say something that ticked you off? It can be anything. I try and process that I am not defined by a mistake I made or something someone said about me. I am defined by who I am. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Taking care of yourself, showing yourself love is important because to overcome a bad day you need to know it doesn’t define you. You are more than what your battling.

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