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Is Happiness a mindset?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Happiness isn't just a mindset. To me I think of it, like a muscle you need to work out in order for your muscle to become bigger and stronger, like you need to instill habits into your life that will foster your happiness, like many different ways you can workout a muscle. There are many habits you can build in your life to foster happiness. A few things that I do to help me build my happiness is; I enjoy stopping and looking at a view and removing myself from that place in time. I like to think,"Okay if I saw a view like this in a picture, would I think it was a good picture?" Every time I do this it helps me put "filters" on my view and I see it in the most beautiful way possible. Another tool I use is self care. I think taking care of yourself and putting yourself first is a key factor in preparing your mind to enjoy a moment and experience happiness.

One important thing to remember is that you need to prepare your mind to be happy. Just like in our analogy of the muscle, if you have an injured muscle it will not function 100% properly. Just like if we have past trauma in our mind we will struggle to get our muscle (happiness) to experience 100% of the happiness we could. So just like you would rebab our injured muscle and take time to let it heal so you can build it up to 100%, you need to take the time and get the help to let your mind heal so that you can experience 100% of the happiness you're capable of.

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