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The Daily Battle

The daily battle, theres a lot of talk about winning the daily battle; but what does it look like to lose the daily battle? It looks like survival, it looks like living to see another day. It’s a sad reality for some suffering with mental health. I’ve been there, trust me! The only goal is to make it to the next day and battling thoughts of “is it even worth it?” If you are there please know your not alone! Reach out to someone who you trust! If you feel like you can’t and need to hurt yourself to handle the pain please choose the better option whatever that maybe for you. For me it was over eating or drinking instead of cutting. Then as you become stronger make the better choice and find something new instead of eating or drinking. This is what worked for me, I am not saying it will work for everyone and I do belive it was the main reason for my weight gain. I do belive that it was a healthier step to take at the time, as the places self harm was taking me while I was cutting were a lot more harmful to me. Take it one step at a time. Remember even if you lose every battle the day before and you wake up the next it’s a new day and your slate is clean. I have said to my wife many times, "I lost today, I will try again tomorrow."

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